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As USA Sinks Into Political Swamp Lands

A Nation Founded Through Deceit Against Ancestral Landholders And Blind Religious Faith Spirited By The Catholic Church Of Rome; It Is Now Witnessed By Other Nations As Descending Rapidly Into Civil War; Prescribed By The Failed Two Party System; Where A Meaningful Centralist Party Would Render The Prevailing Political Chaos Into A More Stable Governance By Virtue Of Disarming The Constant And Hateful Two-Party Vitriol Into The Denizens Of Inequity; Where Indigenous Peoples Will Come Forward With The Old Two Row Wampum Blanket; Again - As In 1776 - Offering Lasting Peacemaking Wisdom Through The Life On Earth Covenant Chain - Whose Metal Must Be Revisited To Replenish Its Brilliance.

Since 1095, The Church Of Rome, As A Commercial Corporate Body Engaged In Garnering A Wider Expanse Of Tithed Membership, Issued The Papal Bulls (Also, 1454 And 1493) Proclaiming Sole Dominion Of Religious Proclamation : Non-Believers Were Not Human; Not Land Owners. Such Was The Military Weight Of These Papal Declarations That The Pope Cautioned European Monarchs That Disobedience Meant Death And Condemnation To Hell.

Hence, The Consequent Arrival Of Europeans To This "New World" Was To Witness And Thrive Upon This "Virgin" Real Estate - Not Occupied By Humans ... A Land Visited By Asian Trade Missions And Monastery Monks For More Than 2000 Years Prior – Establishing Trade Posts And Faith Sites In Places Like Florida; Where They Searched For The Fabled Waters Of Eternal Life.

Chinese Admiral, Zheng He’s Fleets Reached The Western Shores Of Turtle Island North Circa 1434. And, The Nordic Sailors Travelled With Leif Ericson (Circa 1020 A.D.E.) To The Shores Of Hudson's Bay To Trade; Eventually, Reaching Across Turtle Island To The West Coast.

The 15th Century European Ventures To North Turtle Island Were Blatant Specious Land Piracies - A Dire Ethic That Today, In 2022, Remains; And, Feeds The Trumpians With The Urine Of Bulls.

Such Is The Fate Of A Nation Whose Constitution Speaks Of Qualified Greatness; But, Who Is Struggling With This Cancer Of The Papal Hierarchy That Has Plundered Indigenous Peoples World Wide For More Than 2000 Years - Without Apologies; Only Payment Into Civil Trusts For Sexual Abuse Settlements.

Certainly, Americans Are Not Alone In This Sad Tale Of Real Estate Grabs. Your Neighbours, Canada And Mexico Share Similar Histories.

Since 1670, With The English King Charles II's Land Gift To His Cousin In Germany - Prince Rupert - Of Half Of "Canada"; And, Who Further Enfranchised The Hudson's Bay Company To Plunder The Wealth Of Furs; As American Frontiersmen Slaughtered Some 30-Million Buffalo For The Benefit Of Europeans, There Has Been The Indigenous Peoples Struggles At The European Monarchical Courts And The League Of Nations To Fashion Some Semblance Of Humanity Into This Occupation Of Turtle Island North. - "Reconciliation" Is A Hollow Settlement; Never According The Realities Of Entitled Lands - As Recognized In The European Utrecht Court Decision Of 1788; Which Acknowledged Sustained Indigenous Title.

The World's Oldest Sustained Trade Treaty Agreement (1613 - 2023) Between The Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee) And The Empire Of The Netherlands Remains As A Vibrant Testimony Of The Peacemaking Qualities Of The Two Row Wampum.

The United States Senate Issued A Declaration Of Gratitude To The Haudenosaunee In 1987-88. Hiawatha Participated With The Historical Cleansing Of Atotarho's Evil Braided Hairlocks. It Is Time For Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas To Step Forward In This Prerequisite Peacemaking Required In The US Political Arena - For The Benefit Of Humanity.

The World Watches With "Baited Breath"; Waiting To Witness The Phoenix Rising Within The Corridors Of The United States' Political Arena - Anticipating The Native Elders To Unwrap The World's Oldest Wampum Belt; Readying Their Ancient Hands To Shine The Metal Of The Covenant.

2022 A.D.E. : CAVEAT : SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST : CAVEAT : 2022 A.D.E.

JULY 18, 2022

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