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Sustainable Life On Earth

ICG LTD Joint Ventures With LOE CORP INTL To Provide Pathfinding Projects And Leading R&D Facilities In These Critical Subjects Of The Continuum Of Abundant, Sustainable And Renewable Thriving Communities Throughout All Continents; With The Mission Of Being A Reliable Source Developer Of Nutrition, Construction Materials, Clean Water; And, Medical / Health Care Products And Practices As The Doctrine Of Global Fundamental Right And Responsibility Within The Just Society That Is Evolving Through International Agreements.

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My Story

Since 1960, The ICG Founding Company Group CBEC, Has Collaborated With All Community And Government Authorities And Public Interest Parties To (A) Determine The Progressive Course Of Infrastructure And Projects Developments That Will Be Financed To Meet / Exceed Established Environmental Sustainable, Renewable Criteria - And - Within These Prescribed Parameters We Have Continued To Be Source Advisors To Developments Of Policies And Practices To Meet Prerequisite Needs For General Infrastructure Growth Within Inherited Duty Of Care To Mother Earth; And, (B) To Be A Provocative Think Tank For Development Of Products And Services Outside Of The Box Parameters.

In Essence, The ICG Group Thrives Within This Matrix Of For-Profit Humanitarian Covenants; Which Garner Directives And Ethical Conduct Postulations Through Recognition And Respect To The Limited Nature Of Earth's Natural Resources - And - Of Its Continued Integrity --- Electric Energy Is Our Core.


Thus, ICG Continues To Develop Projects Only Through The Gold Standards Of Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA) - In Conjunction With Respect For Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples (CSSP)

ICG Overview Submission To IISD




ICG Invites All Interested Parties To Enter Into Friendly, Constructive Dialogue With ICG Policies And Planning Offices - Thank You

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