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ICG Introduction To Rt Hon Paul E Martin

Understanding Canada's Leadership Role In Global Climate Reset Action


The Following Commentaries Are Respectfully Offered Forward Through The Lens Of Our Appreciation For The Evident Rt Hon Paul Martin, P.C. Sincerity In Matters Of Indigenous Peoples.

Thank You For Receiving This Brief Introduction To Our ICG LTD. Our Mission With You, Today, Is A Very Simple One - We Have Continued To Review Your Evident Commitment To The Improved Welfare Of Canadian Indigenous Peoples [Inuit, Metis; And, First Nations].

And, Within This Archived Assessment Is Your Kelowna Accord.

Hence, ICG Encourages You To Invest These Suggested Few Moments To Read Through Our Introduction Of The ICG Journey In Matters Of Global Climate Reset Actions; And, How Indigenous Peoples Of Each Continent Can Energize Governments To Collaborate With Commerce And Trade To Transition World Energy Resources Into Sustainable Production.

Our Biosphere Reserves Networks Platform Is Structured Through Incorporating Existing Natural Resources That Are Primary Sources Of Principal Elements That Are Leading To Atmospheric Integrity Demise - In Fact, Deleting The Ozone 50 Times Faster Than The Accumulating CO2 Emissions.

Canada Remains As A Major Emitter Of These CH4 Elements. And, Our ICG Program, Since 1980, Has Been To Capture These CH4 Percolations Into Electric Power Generations.

Therefore, Since 1990, Our Corporate Agenda Has Successfully Negotiated Provincial Power Purchase Agreements On Behalf Of Indigenous Peoples. Each $200-M Tri-Gen Project Includes Securing The Primary Energy Base With FMV Of $2-B. Today, Canada Possesses In Excess Of Verifiable 300-B Tonnes Of Sustainable P1-Factor [CH4]. And, Our ICG Mission Is To Establish 3300 Theme Cities Projects Under The Host Indigenous Peoples Jurisdiction.

Installing These P1-Factor Trigen Biosphere Reserve Networks Enterprises Provides Indigenous Communities With Secure AAA-Rated Asset Bases To Generate Employment Of Full Employment In An Industry That Produces A Multitude Of Health Care Provisions For Both Domestic And International Medical Services. Risk Benefits Analysis.

Again, In Terms Of FMV [And Considering All Continents - Like Africa] Our ICG Assessment Of Global P1-Factor Resources Asset FMV Is $27-T. Note : Our BRN To African Union & Madagascar / Intro. Our Original International Introductions Began In Brazil (194) / Denmark (1979) / Bangladesh (1989).

Additionally, We Have A Long Term Relationship With Rocky Mountain Kelly Lake Cree Nation – RMCN Assets Evaluation.

These Commentaries Are Offered Forward Through My Professional Background; Including Being A Registered UNSC Endorsed Global Oil Trader Since Y-2000; And, My 30 Years As An Employee Of An International Oil Company.

Thus, My Principal Thrust To Your Consideration Today [Including My Understanding Of Your Commitment To Indigenous Peoples Improved Welfare; And, Noting Your Interest In Africa's Economic Development] Is The Development Of A Confidential Dialogue Of Like-Thinking Mentors Who Can Contribute Significant Leverage To Ensure That A Global Just Society Evolves Within This Century Through Indigenous Peoples Collaboration With Mother Earth.

Thank You For Reviewing These Introductory Commentaries.

As You Read Through These Commentaries, Please, Bear In Mind The Unique Capitalization Value Of Our STT TRUST PHT In Conjunction With The National Indigenous Network.

In Y-2009 I Was Privileged To Be Formally Adopted By Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem Into Her Family On This West Coast Of The Kwa'mutsun Of Quw'utsun Peoples. Dr Hwuneem Was Accorded Two Phds By SFU And UVIC For Her 50 Years Of Work In Preserving The Salish Hul'qumi'num' Language Into The Published 300-Page Reference Catalogue - The Royal BC Museum Has Published Her Account WHAT WAS SAID TO ME.

Mom Ruby [Dr Hwuneem] Has Been A Spiritual Guide Throughout The Canada West Coast Of Turtle Island North - She Has Journeyed Forward Across The Bar In Y-2021.

And, My Duty Continues To This Day As The Shqwi'qwal [Speaker] Through My Indigenous Name Yuxwuletun {Eagle In The Sky]. SQYX Is The Anagram.

Included Within My Corporate ICG Is A Series Of Leading Business Pathfinders Associates, Who Have Developed Technological Patents - Including, Those To Enter Molecular Structures To Install Medicinal Time-Set Ingredients For Purposes Of Both Improved Health And Energy Transitions Into Plasma Production.

In Truth We Trust Since Time Began.

May Good Health Be Your Constant Companion.

Huy’Ch’Qu’ – Merci – Thank You - ᖁᔭᓇᐃᓐᓂ - Marsee

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