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Indigen Commerce Group Ltd : ICG : Provides Leadership In Sustainable Green Electric Energy As The Asset Fulcrum To Support The Development Of The Private Theme Cities; Which Are Closed Loop Projects That Evolve Into The Multi-Plex Services Of Innovations Of Practices And Technologies To Support Survival Environment For 30,000 Population Communities. Central To These Developments Are The International Holistic Healing Institutes; Which Provide Both In Situ Health Care Services In Conjunction With Attracting International Medical Tourism.

As A Confirmed Climate Reset Corporation - With That Gold Standard Intgerity For Environmental Impact Assessments As The Leading Integral Facet Of Our Developments As Master Turn Key Contractors - We Have Demonstrated To Government; Plus, Domestic And International Finance Common Purpose - That ICG Ltd Ensures The Continuous Growth Of Infrastructure Components To Regulators. And, That Our Business Ethic Is Found To Be Vigorous And Industry Leading Throughout Both Our Published Mandate; And, Within The Core Fabric Of Our Community Relations. We Substantiate Through Practice What We Commit To In Writing.

Money Matters; And, This Accumulated Wealth Of Assignable Assets Is The Commercial Skill That Is The Core Commitment That Structures Our Evolutionary Drive To Discover New Business Practise Motifs. In 1960, As A Flegling Company Assembled Togather By Engineerrs From The Mining, Energy And Forestry Sectors; We Have Excelled Throughout Our History By Recognizing That The Application Of This Wealth Serves To Projects Is Mandated By The Requirements To Continuously Improve The Societal And Tangible Infrastructures Of Our Just Society.

A Typical Project That We Undertake Requires An Initial Multi-Million Dollar Stage One Asset Investment In Order To Secure Contracts With The Local Community; With Domestic And Regional Goverments. And, Included Into This Matrix Is The Financial Regulation That Evolves Through Both Private Sophisticated Sectors, As Well As The Principal International Investment Pool. In Stage One, ICG - As The Master Turn Key Contractor - Secures Power Purchase Agreements, Supply Agreements; Plus, We Conduct The EIA To Ensure Environental Integrity.

ICG LTD - Via Its Founding Company, CBEC - Has Developed Its International Presence On All Continents. Biomass Is Our Core Mission Resource. Green, Sustainable Energy Development Serves As The Fulcrum To Sustain The Capitaliztion Of These Private Theme City Projects @ 30,000 Population Each. And, Our Current Term Evaluation Of The Fair Market Value (FMV) exceeds $27-Trillion - Which Serves As The Capital Asset Base For The Tri-Group That Introduces The Theme Cities To Government, Finance And The Local Communities.

These Multi-Plex Projects Acquire Billion Dollar Energy Asset Bases Throughout The Two Year Development-To In Service Process. And, We Install Leading High Tech Services, Within This Matrix Of Being Labour Intensive - And, Profitable.

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