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Our Pioneer

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Ernest Russell Goodwin (1923 - 1997) - Head Founder Of CBEC Group

Born In Alberta, Canada; With English And Ukrainian Ancestry - Tracing The "Goodwin" Name Back To 1066 At The Battle Of Hastings; Where The Last Anglo-Saxon King, Harold Godvine (Godwinson), Died Of An Arrow Wound To His Right Eye, As The Normans Swept To Power.

In The Years Of The Great Depression, Ernie Goodwin Climbed About The Rails Outside Of Edmonton; And, Rode East To Ontario; Where He Managed Crews At Sawmills In The Northern Regions. 


Following WWII, Ernie Had Married Ellen Stromberg; Living In Northern Alberta; Where They Raised Two Sons; Until They Moved To Fort Langley, British Columbia In 1951.

It Was In BC, While Working For Atlas Copco, That Ernie Goodwin Decided To Again Strike Forward Into Another Private Enterprise; Combining His Civil Engineering Expertise To Open The New Industry To Alberta - Navigating Through Six Federal And Provincial Departments To establish The Regulatory Procedures For Peat Harvesting.

In 1923, Canada Had Co-Ventured With The Province Of Ontario To Publish A Scientific - Engineering Report On Peat Biomass Resources And Their Energy Components.

Hence, By 1990 The CBEC Group Was Signing Power Purchase Agreements With Provincial Authorities To Generate Electric Power Into The Grid - And - For CBEC Business

CBEC Group Of Companies Incorporated A Series Of Transitions From 1990 - 2022. The Trigen Enterprises Of Those Formative Years Generated The Significant Evolution From Horticultural, Energy And Forestry. The Trigen Biosphere Reserve Triplex Matrix Represented The Sincere, Original Ernie Goodwin Ethic Of Profit From Natural Resources As Within The Mother Earth Stewardship Model; And, In Particular, Of Developing Joint Ventures With Host Communities To Ensure Corporate Revenues Found Their Way Into Community Infrastructure Projects. 

By 1980, Ernie Had Remarried, Elizabeth And Her Daughter Suzzane Were Now Integrated With Sons Glen And Ralph Into The Burgeoning Businesses Of Agriculture, Forestry And Mining. Ernie's Civil Engineering Background Took Him To Foreign Shores - Brazil And Northern Europe. While At Home, In Canada, The Electric Power Ventures Emerged As A Facet Of The CBEC Group's Commitment To Climate Reconciliation. CH4 / Methane Was Now The Key Factor To Significant Asset Management.

The CBEC Trigeneration Platform Evolved Through Consultations With Federal And Provincial Ministries. Ernie And Ralph Sat On Alberta's Energy Board; And, Contributed Logistics Expertise To The Siting Of The Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities At Swan Hills.

By 1990, CBEC Group Had Secured Power Purchase Agreements With Ontario Hydro And SaskPower; With A Private Development Agreement In British Columbia. The Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) Were Critical To Each Project. And, Saskatchewan Led The Way; Where Their Director Of Environment Jointly Collaborated With CBEC To Construct A "Gold Standard" EIA - For Purposes Of Deflating Inferior Competition That Would Disregard Projects Commitments To Mother Nature Stewardship Integrity.

In Saskatchewan, CBEC Contracted 12 Scientists From Alberta And Saskatchewan's Research Councils To Produce The EIA Critical Reviews. 

The CBEC Group's Capitalization Matrix Proved To Be Substantial. Multi-Million Dollar Projects Were Debt Financed Via European Banks. And, Each $200-M Trigen Acquired The $2-B Energy Assets Base; Constructing And In-Service Within 48-Weeks.

The Program Suited Other Countries - Like Bangladesh And Brazil. While CBEC's Civil Engineering Expertise Attracted Europe's Denmark.

Ernie Goodwin's Genius Spawned An Interest In Climate Integrity - Canada's Science Research Centre In 1985 Was Already Publishing Dire Warnings Of Climate Chaos With Rising Atmospheric Temperatures Likely To Cause Spontaneous Combustion Of Evergreen Forest Tree Tops.

In 1989, CBEC Was Joined By Remy Andre van Pelt - Dutch, With Marine Transport Background - Including Financing. Remy Survived In Business Collaboration With Ralph Goodwin At ICG Until His Passing In 2022.

By 1997, Life's Ventures Overwhelmed Ernie Goodwin - Lung Cancer From His Years Of Absorbing Welding Fumes - And - His Love Of His Pipe Robbed Him Of His Vibrant Energy - But - The Intellect Remained.

The CBEC Legacies Became The Focus Of The Surviving Family; With Son Ralph Undertaking The Trigen Programs; Integrating Them Into The ICG LTD (Indigen Commerce Group Ltd Canada). Where Today, The Biosphere Reserve Networks Serve To Generate The Central Focus Of Climate Reconciliation On Six Continents.

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