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ICG LTD Perceives The Limited Natural Resource Base Of Our Earth As Being One Of The Specific Duty Of Care - Of Good And Respectful Stewardship; Wherein, The Global Ingenuity Of Humankind Excels In Continuous Manifestation Of Upgrading Of Standards Of Living. This Progress Is Slow; But, Continuous. And, We Are Honoured To Be Included Into These Domestic And International Platforms Of Commerce And Trade; Wherein, We Source Out Capital To Finance Projects To Produce Foods, Health Care Services; Pristine Water Supplies; Sustainable Oceans And Seas; Plus, Being A Creative Factor Of Preace Friendship And Trust


Indigen Commerce Group Ltd : ICG : Maximizes The Opportunities For Domestic And International Transitioning Of Commerce And Trade Through Creative Dialogue With Incumbent Site Peoples And Trades; Therein, Fashioning The Matrix For Sustained Renewal Of The Infrastructure Of Services And Development Of Natural Resources. We Elevate Our Business Ethic Through Concerted Investment Into Assembling The Prerequisites Of Environmental Integrity With The Expresed Input From Government, Finance, Community & The Global Tribunals Of Nation-to-Nation Industry And Public Interest Sources That Are Now More Prevalent Through The World Access To Internet Services - Consequently, Opening Up Greater Resources Of Edcation : Life On Earth Preservation Is Fundamental - Climate Action Reset Is Critical : We Find Avenues To Secure Affordability Of Explorations Here On Earth & Into The Cosmos.

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