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Originating In 1960, The Founding Company Has Transitioned And Diversified Through A Series Of Platforms From The Initial Horticultural - Mining - Forestry Matrix Into The Present ICG LTD CANADA - Indigen Commerce Group Ltd; That Currently Collaborates With A Series Of Advanced Technology Firms That Develop Unique, Patented Applications Of Naturopathic / Medicinal Human Health Sciences - Physiologies. Today, Ralph Goodwin, As CEO, Leads ICG Forward With Bio-Energy Trigen Projects - Seeking Out Affordable Applications Of Sonoluminescent Cavitation (Vibrations) Principles To Develop Plasma Energy Into The Core Electric Power Facilities. As CEO, Goodwin Strives To Achieve Significant Leadership In Global Climate Reset Actions; Relying Upon His Sophisticated Experience In The Energy Industry - Including, His Y-2000 UNSC Endorsement As A World Energy Trader. Hosted Projects Assets Management Is The Project Capitalization Fulcrum.

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