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Addressing GFANZ Capitalization Focus

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Greetings To GFANZ Board Of Directors & Development Team : Climate Capitalization : Implementing The Closed-Loop Platform Within Evolutionary Matrix

Good Day - Our Friendly ICG Greeting Is Respectfully Offered Forward For Your Considered Review Within The Context Of Rational Climate Reset Action Through Concerted Bio-Stream Mitigation That Utilizes The Gaia Principles Of Human Civilization Conspiring With Mother Nature And The Unfolding Universe's Inverse Differential Topology (Super Symmetry) : I.E., Developing Energy Resources Within Minimal Environmental Impact Envelopes : Plasma Energy Plus Medicine Chest Innovations That Harbour Affordable Infrastructure Reconstruction Projects Now.

The Top Down - Bottom Up Good Faith Conspiracy That Will Garner The Future Of Continued Life On Earth Arises Through The Reallocation Of Wealth Streams - Wherein The Marginalized Impoverished Peoples Garner Land Titles In Conjunction With Specific, Continuous Participation In Decision-Making Of Domestic And Global Affairs : The Cell Phone Provides The Communication Corridor : Bottom Up - Top Down Joint Accountability : Enfranchised Responsibility

Pathfinding Leadership Requires Paradigm Logic Shifts Beyond Malthusian Economic Principles - And - Likewise, Adopting Darwinian Evolution Theories Into This Unfolding Matrix Of Knowledge Of The Schematics Of Super Symmetry That Provides Us With The Majestic Knowledge Of Our Complex Universe In Real Time Logic : Accumulated Data Informs Us That Acceptable Choices Are Speaking Out.

The Above Commentaries Are Based Upon Accumulated Peer-Reviewed Projects Developed Since 1960 - Utilizing Proven Technologies From The Energy Industry Since 1949; And, Drawing Down Upon Specific Bio-Energy Resources Scientific Reports Of Canada In 1925. The ICG Group Has Certified These Projections Since 1990 Via Specific Projects In Canada With Provincial Power Authorities And Departments Of Environment; With Saskatchewan Department Of Environment Head Collaborating With The ICG 12-Member Science Team To Verify The Gold Standard EIA (Environmental Impact Assessments). Further, ICG CEO Is Retired From A Leading Global Oil Company; And, Is UNSC Endorsed Since Y-2000 As An International Oil Trader. All Projects Are Host-Specific Designed; Wherein Each Community Joint Venturing Into The Bio-Triplex Project Attains 100% Project Ownership At Y-10, When All Debt Loads Are Paid Out. Communities Hosting These Projects Are Obligated Through Their Not-For-Profit Infrastructure Development Projects That Are Funded Through The Profit Structure Of The Trigen Complex - With All Net Revenues Of The Energy And Hydroponics Are Transitioned Into The Bio-Science R&D Centre; Which Produces Intellectual Properties & Patents On Projects Modeled Upon Land Stewardship Duty Of Care.

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