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ICG Biosphere Info To Mark Carney

Good Day, Ms Thakur / Brookfield Asset Management International

We Have Produced A Brief Introductory Commentary To Be Submitted To Mark Carney / Transition Leadership; Wherein, We Explain Why Our Submission To The International Red Cross / Red Crescent & The International Labour Organization Provides The Fulcrum For Affordable And Speedy Global Energy Transition From Fossil Fuels Of Oil & Coal - INTO - Interim Sustainable Bio-Energy Resources For Trigeneration Platforms Significantly Contributes To :

  1. Reduction Of Existing Ozone Depleting Gaseous Elements (CO2 & CH4); While,

  2. Establishing The Six Continent Biosphere Reserves Network As The Medicine Chest For Humanity And Mother Earth; Wherein,

  3. Electric Power Generation Provides Affordable Energy To The Trigen System Of Nutrition / Tree Seedlings / Herbals Bio-Cell Systems

  4. These Global Biosphere Reserves Will Manage $27-T Of Sustainable Bio Assets; And, In Summary,

  5. It Is Worthy To Note That Our 50 Year Accumulated ULCC Portfolio Forms The Political Basis For Our Global Economic Transition Initiatives

It Is Evident, Since COP26, That Global Corporate Legions Will Retract Their Commitments To Reset Of Our Unfolding Climate Chaos - Thus - It Remains For Citizenry To Facilitate The Leverage To Secure Earth's Future Into The 22nd Century, And, The Legitimacy Of The ULCC Declarations To The UN Provides The Technical Mechanism For Global Direct Democratic Assembly. These Statements, As Above, Are Verified By Canada Since 1923; And, Our ICG Group Corporations Secured Modern Era Proofing Across Canada In 1990 Via Power Purchase Agreements, Including Ontario Hydro And SaskPower. We Are International Indigenous Peoples Enterprises. Thank You For Forwarding This Submission To Mark Carney At Your Earliest Opportunity. This Message Is Web Posted At ICG LTD. Regards, Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin : ICG Ltd Canada / CEO : Responding EMAIL Victoria, BC / Turtle Island North 1 250 709 1809 CC : HRH Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem Estate Board Of Governors

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