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Trump's Constitutional Duty Dereliction

JULY 21 2022

Drawn From OEDIPUS & THE BEAR Archives Vault

Foreign Observers Witness The Fractured US Civilian Political Chaos As The Signal Of The Life Against Death Ethic That Prevails Within The Two-Party System.

Americans Deserve A Moral & Right Thinking Capitalist Instead Of An Aging Capo

It Remains A Fascinating Blend Of Realism And Alternative Facts To Observe Americans Squandering Precious Time - Better Well Spent On Developing Transitions In Plasma Energy Technologies - As They Feast Upon Each Other's Young In This Banquet Of Delusion That They Are The Greatest Nation In The World ... Leadership And Pathfinding Succeeds And Sustains Through Integrity; Rather Than Through The "Trumpisms" Of Hollow Boastings.

Donald Trump Exemplifies The Illness - But - He Is Not The Disease

Avoiding Systemic Collapse Of The US Economic System Will Be Predicated Through The Abilities Of Peacemaking By Political Leadership

JULY 21 2022

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